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Find your #NextHome in the PERFECT neighborhood using “Commute Time” on NextHome Mobile Connect

“Everyone has an app. What makes yours so special?!”

I love this question! And anyone who asks is absolutely correct. Nearly every real estate company has a mobile app. Some are custom built; most are similar variations on the same platform.

And they do exactly as they’re advertised to do: search and filter listings based on price, bedrooms, bathrooms, time on the market, etc.

We download and use every mobile app for all real estate companies in the Red River Valley (plus those from all major real estate companies, like and Zillow.) All fine products; some offer more search criteria and perform better than others.

But one product rises above all else: NextHome Mobile Connect.

Sure… I’m biased. But one of the major reasons our team affiliated with NextHome is because we saw what consumer focused technology and marketing can and should achieve.

NextHome Mobile Connect is more than a mobile version of our real estate company’s website. And much more than a glorified Google search.

Mobile Connect features unique and custom search functions, augmented reality, and instant communication with your agent… all in one program!

We made this 1-minute video to demonstrate just one of the many unique features Mobile Connect has to offer. (We’ll produce more demos for other functions in the coming days…)

Commute Time

Commute Time lets you enter up to 3 addresses (work, school, day care, etc.) and select your preferred commute to each address, traveling by your choice of car, public transit, cycling, or walking.

Let’s say your growing family is looking for a larger home, but you want a house that’s a short drive to work, walking distance to your child’s school, and less than a 10 minute bike ride to your family’s favorite park. Commute Time on NextHome Mobile Connect is the only real estate search feature that maps your travel time to three locations, shows you all available listings in that neighborhood, and lets you schedule a showing with your agent in a single application!


Don’t take our word for it: click here to download the app and try it for yourself. NextHome Mobile Connect is free to use and shows all listings within our market area.

And here’s something you won’t hear others suggest: download other real estate apps in your app store. Compare the features and test them out. Does it genuinely add value to your home shopping experience? If so, great! You have another tool you can use. And if not, you’ve traded a few moments to learn something new.

I’m confident you’ll discover what we learned a while ago: NextHome Legendary Properties has the most innovative and consumer focused mobile app on the market!

We’re proud of what we’ve created. But we’re only proud because it allows our clients to spend less time manipulating complex search engines, and more time with their family as they prepare for their #NextHome.

Use Commute Time on NextHome Mobile Connect to find your #NextHome in the neighborhood that’s PERFECT for your family!