vGkMjqLe What to Look for When Buying a House: 10 Major Red Flags

 | Nov 9, 2019

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While most home buyers spend their time at an open house simply checking out the layout of the rooms and the name brands on the kitchen appliances, smart buyers know what’s really important to look for when buying a home.

In competitive markets, you’ll often walk into an open house that has been deep-cleaned, upgraded, and staged with stylish furniture. That’s nice, but if you’re not careful, you may miss a multitude of problems. You shouldn’t be overly impressed by the fact that a house looks and smells nice. (You may, however, be rightly appalled by a home that looks and smells atrocious.) Continue reading

5be43a5e2ac187cec59d5480552b7e65w-c0xd-w685_h860_q80 Everything You Need to Know About Home Buyers and Sellers to Beat the Market

 | Nov 8, 2019

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Whether they’re in the market to buy a home, hoping to unload their abode, or both, most folks are aware of the real estate landscape these days. In a nutshell: Home prices continue to reach new highs, mortgage interest rates are low, and competition among buyers is fierce for what few homes there are for sale. But most buyers and sellers don’t know much else about the competition, which could put them at a serious disadvantage at the bargaining table.

Whether you’re looking for leverage with a buyer or seller, or trying to make yourself stand out in a crowd, an annual report gives a lot of this helpful intel on who’s active in the real estate market today. Continue reading